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Intentional Christian Living


Are you tired of feeling like you are failing to follow through on your goals, or live by your priorities? It might be time to look for a new approach to accomplishing those priorities God has placed on your heart. The key is to determine what steps or actions you need to take to live intentionally, and then make a plan of HOW you will do that.

This course will take you from overwhelmed and discouraged to purposeful daily actions and habits.

If you are ready to be intentional, and follow through on your goals and priorities , you will love this practical and encouraging course. It is designed to walk you step-by- step through the process of establishing daily habits that will help you begin to live intentionally.

It's time to get intentional about your heart, health, and home by using your time more wisely and seeking God's help  through regular prayer.  We can't do it without His help!



If you are discouraged about intentionally living by priorities, this course is for you!

Designed to help you easily take little steps to develop habits, the course will guide you in becoming intentional, as you work through the videos and workbook, and begin to implement the ACTION STEPS that are given.

The course includes the following six modules:

  • Your Heart -- your relationship with God
  • Your Health -- steps to better caring for yourself, and the body God has given you
  • Your Home: 2 sections -- one on relationships, and one on managing your housekeeping
  • Your Time-- managing your time in order to better achieve your priorities and goals
  • Your Prayer Life-- you can't succeed in any of the other areas without the power of prayer!

Each module contains:

  • Three or more videos
  • Charts to guide you, and help you track your progress
  • A workbook (with the video content for those who prefer reading to watching) that will guide you through each step
  • Action Steps to intentionally develop habits in each of the areas

Each new module will be added after 21 days, to give you time to develop the habits needed, before moving on to the next area.

When you register you will have life-time access, so you can take as long as you need to go through the course. You can also go through it more than once if you feel the need to do so.

If you're ready to get intentional and get your life back on track, this course is for you.


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